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Utilities Rate Structure

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Water, Sanitation & Recycling Rates

In addition to the rates below, there are water and wastewater impact fees that affect your utility bills.
An example of impact fees for a newly platted property can be found here Impact Fees 2019

Notice Water Fee Changes - City Ordinance 2452 - Effective September 24, 2019

These Changes are in accordance with Ordinance No. 2452 and are intended to minimize financial loss, cover operational costs of staff time and other material resources, and also serve as a deterrent to those who would consider damaging and tampering with city water meters. All fee charges will be effective March 1, 2010.

  • Deposit amount by $20 for each instance of disconnection for non-payment
  • Disconnection/reconnection charge by $20 (from $30 to $50)
  • Cut-lock fee increased from $25 to $30
  • NEW FEE of $25 for removing a city meter from a disconnected service
  • NEW FEE of $100 for tampering with a city water meter
  • NEW FEE of $100 for removing a jumper or device used to bypass a city water meter
 Water and wastewater (sewer) rates
Effective October 1, 2019 to appear on November 1, 2019 billing
 Water Sewer
$17.87 for the 1st 2000 gallons*
$7.18 each 1000 gallons after
  $12.93 minimum**
plus $4.15 each 1000 gallons after
 Commercial Accounts Only  Commercial Accounts Only
 * An additional base fee of $2.00 **
meter size - 1 inch or smaller 

 An additional base fee of $2.00

meter size - 1 inch or smaller

 * An additional base fee of $7.00

meter size - 1.5 inches and above

** An additional base fee of $5.00
meter size - 1.5 inches and above 
 Fire Hydrants Only
Deposit - $1010.00
Minimum - $26.28 first 2,000
$10.56 each 1,000 after

12,000 max on all residence

7,000 max on all new residence

NO max on ALL commercial accounts


 Notice Rate Changes for Allied Waste Commercial Services - 2012 - City Ordinance 2214 

Sanitation rates
effective November 1, 2018
 All garbage shall be placed in either securely closed plastic bags, in a box, or in closed waterproof containers, or metal cans no more than 30-gallon capacity. (No paper grocery sacks.)
 Residential Curbside --- $8.52 / Month
 Residential Backdoor --- $17.18 / Month
 ALL Commercial Sanitation is billed directly by Allied Waste Services. 817-332-7301


 recycling rates
effective  NOVEMBER 1, 2018
Residential Recycling --- $4.21 / Month
Senior Citizen Recycling (65+ yrs) --- $3.81 / Month