Street Milling and Resurfacing

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To keep our citizens informed of street operations and how it may affect you, we are providing the below street milling and resurfacing schedule.

Sunday 05/20/2018:
Hurst Public Library parking lot

Monday 05/21/2018:
Dianna Ave. - from Irwin Dr. to Woodcrest Dr.
Livingston Dr. – from W. Cheryl Ave to Mountain Ter.
Billie Ruth Ln. – from Bedford Ct. to W. Cheryl Ave.

Tuesday 05/22/2018:
Mountain Ter. – from Zelda Dr. to Desiree Ln.
Inwood Rd. – from Zelda Dr. to Desiree Ln.
Bedford Ct. – from Zelda Dr. to Irwin Dr.

Wednesday 05/23/2018
Royal Ter. – from 812 Royal Ter. (concrete) to Irwin Dr.
Fairlane Ct. – from Farrington Ln. to Dead End.
Chisolm Trl. – from Farrington Ln. to Cambridge Dr.

Thursday 05/24/2018
Cannon Dr. – from Hurstview Dr. to Norwood Dr.

Friday 05/25/2018
Norwood Dr. – from Bedford Euless Rd to Bedford Ct. E.
Park Place Blvd. – from Melbourne Rd. to Arcadia St.

Tuesday 05/29/2018
Hurstview Dr. – from Pipeline Rd. to Barbara Ann Dr.