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Hurst Pet Codes

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City of Hurst Animal Services Pet CodesThese listings are summaries only of some of the basic animal ordinances. Chapter 4 of the Hurst Municipal Code, relating to animals, may be viewed in its entirety, or copies obtained, at the Hurst Library or the City Secretary’s Office.

Ordinance 2026 

On February 11, 2014, The Hurst City Council approved Ordinance No. 2250, amending the Hurst Code of Ordinances; Chapter 4, Animal Control and Protection, Article III, Rabies Control, Sec. 4-20: Vaccinations, to allow either a one (1) or three (3) year rabies vaccination schedule to control and eradicate rabies.

This amendment will now allow Hurst pet owners to have a discussion with their pet health care provider as to which rabies vaccination schedule would be best for their pet. In part, the amendment states, “The animal must receive a booster vaccination within the 12-month interval following the initial vaccination. The owner shall then have the option of a 1 year or 3 year vaccination schedule thereafter depending on the type of vaccine used”.

Sec. 4-20. Rabies Vaccinations
All dogs and cats four (4) months of age or over within the City shall be immunized against rabies with a one (1) year or three (3) year vaccine given by a licensed veterinarian.

Sec. 4-25. Animal bite reports; submission to quarantine
Any person who is bitten or scratched by an animal or anyone who knows of someone who is bitten or scratched shall report that fact to the Animal Control within twenty-four (24) hours.

The animal committing the act shall be submitted to the Animal Control for quarantine. This duty to submit the animal to quarantine shall apply to any person who owns, keeps, harbors, has possession of or allows an animal to remain on the premises under his control.

Sec. 4-40. Running at large (leash law)
It shall be unlawful for any person who owns, keeps, harbors or other wise has control over any animal, livestock, fowl, reptiles or wildlife within the city to allow or permit such animal to run or be at large within the city.

The prohibition against an animal running at large does not apply to cats.

"At large" means unconfined to the premises of the owner by a suitable and substantial fence of sufficient strength and height to prevent escape therefrom or secured on such premises by a leash of sufficient strength to prevent escape from the premises and so arranged that the animal will remain upon the premises when the leash is stretched to full length in any direction.

Sec. 4-44. Nuisance animals
A nuisance animal shall be defined as any animal which commits any of the acts listed herein:

  1. Harasses or chases pedestrians, passersby or passing vehicles, including bicycles; or
  2. Makes unprovoked attacks on other animals of any kind; or
  3. Is repeatedly at large, specifically three (3) or more times per twelve- month period; or
  4. Damages private or public property; or
  5. Defecates on property not belonging to or under the control of its owner; or
  6. Barks, whines, howls, crows, cackles or makes any noise excessively and continuously, and such noise disturbs a person of ordinary sensibilities; or
  7. Is unconfined when in heat.

Sec. 4-55 Animals in Motor Vehicles
No person shall leave any animal in any standing or parked vehicle in such a way to endanger the animal's health, safety or welfare. An animal control officer or police officer is authorized to use reasonable force to remove the animal from the vehicle whenever it appears that the animal's health, safety or welfare is or will be endangered if the owner of the vehicle cannot be located after reasonable attempts. The animal shall be taken to the shelter or to a veterinarian if the animal is in distress. A written notice bearing the name of the officer removing the animal, a telephone number where he can be contacted and the location where the animal may be claimed by the owner shall be attached to the vehicle. Any person violating this section shall bear the full cost and expense incurred by the city in the care, medical treatment, impoundment cost and disposal of said animal, including removal from and damage done to the vehicle.

Sec. 4-57 Tethered Animals
It shall be unlawful for any person to tether, chain or fasten any animal in such a manner so that they are accessible to the general public. All unattended tethered animals must be inside a fenced enclosure. It shall be unlawful to tether, chain or fasten an animal in such a manner as to cause it injury or pain or not permit it to reach shelter, food and water. Additionally, all animals riding in the back of pick-ups must be secured in pet carriers.

Sec. 4-60 Negligent Care
It is unlawful for any person or persons to fail, refuse or neglect to provide any animal in his or her charge or custody, as owner or otherwise, with proper food, drink, shade, shelter, upkeep or veterinary care as may be necessary for diseased or injured animals. Any animal habitually kept outside shall be provided with a structurally sound, moisture-proof and windproof shelter large enough to accommodate the animal and to which the animal may seek refuge from moisture and wind. Additionally, any animal left in a residence whether considered a rental property or animal shelter, without notifying the proper authorities and without being claimed will be considered abandonment.

  1. Shade and shelter. The owner shall provide a structure, to which the animal has constant and continual access, which is adequate to protect the animal from hazardous exposure to the elements.
  2. Veterinary care. The owner shall provide all necessary medical care for the animal. 
  3. Animal Coat. The owner shall assist in upkeep of the animals’ coat in order to prevent a health or hygiene issue from occurring.

Sec. 4-70. Dangerous Animals
The term dangerous animal may include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Any animal which has inflicted severe injury or death on a human being without provocation on public or private property; or
  2. Any animal which has killed or severely injured a domestic animal without provocation while off the owner’s property; or
  3. Has a known propensity, tendency or disposition to attack unprovoked, to cause injury or to otherwise threaten the safety of human beings or domestic animals.

If an animal acts as stated above, the animal may be impounded by the Animal Control and remedial requirements may be placed on the owner, such as a securely enclosed locked pen be erected to house the animal. Or, the owner may be enjoined in municipal court where the court may order removal of the animal from the City or destruction of the animal.

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