Streets, Drainage and Traffic Division

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The Street Division performs quality maintenance of streets and drainage systems, properly maintains all traffic control devices and ensures the safe and efficient movement of traffic along city streets. The Street Division is also responsible for street surface maintenance, cleaning and sweeping, maintaining the City drainage system - consisting of curbs and gutters, underground pipes, and drainage channels, and overseeing the maintenance and installation of traffic control signs and street markings.

Street Light Outages

Please report street light outages in one of the following ways:

  1. Call Oncor at 1.888.313.4747 (toll free)
  2. Online at Oncor Streetlight Outage
  3. Call 817.788.7212

To request a street light, please read Street Light Policy.  Then complete the Street Light Request form.


The City of Hurst maintains approximately 14 miles of opened lined channels. The city has an aggressive maintenance program, which includes mowing of some channels, silt removal, weed control, pollution testing, and flood control.

City staff cleans debris off bridges after every 1” rainstorm and cleans all the storm drain inlets once a year. This ongoing maintenance improves the City’s participation level in the Federal Flood Insurance Program. As a class 8 community, Hurst residents will receive a 10% reduction to any federally backed flood insurance premium.

Traffic Operations

  • Maintains 29 City-owned signals School Flasher
  • Helps maintain 26 State-owned signals
  • Programs and Maintains 17 School flashers
  • Fabricates and maintains all Signs
    • Regulatory (Stop)
    • Guide (Street names)
    • Warning (Curve)
  • All Traffic markings
    • Ceramic buttons
    • Hot tape
    • Paint
Steve Carter Interim Director of StreetsSteve Carter
Director of Streets
Public Works Operations
2001 Precinct Line Road
Hurst, Texas 76054