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Storm Water Management

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Storm Drainage Utility Information

The City Council approved the creation of a Storm Drainage Utility in 2009 to provide maintenance and improvements to the City’s storm water drainage system, mitigating flooding hazards. The rate for residents is $4.00 a month per water meter or $1.93 a month per apartment. For commercial properties, the rate is $1.19 per 1,000 square feet of impervious area. Please contact 817.788.7072 if you have a question or concern about your Storm Drainage Utility fee.


Storm Water Quality

The City is responsible for monitoring water quality in our creeks and storm drains.  Our storm drain system is designed to remove storm water  run-off to the nearest body of water without being treated.  Pollutants, including fertilizers, pesticides, oil and detergents that are present in streets, yards and most ground surfaces go directly into a body of water each time it rains.


Tips for Helping Keep Our Storm Water Clean:

  • Never dump anything into the storm drain. It’s illegal. Call 817.788.7212 to report illegal dumping.
  • Use native or adaptive landscaping to reduce the need for chemicals and water. See Texas Smartscape for drought-tolerant and environmentally sensitive planting ideas. 
  • Recycle yard waste by mulching or composting. Sweep lawn clipping back onto the lawn to recycle fertilizer and herbicide applications.
  • Let your roof water your yard - direct downspouts away from paved areas. Adjust sprinkler settings, use soaker hoses or set up a drip irrigation system to keep the water on the lawn.
  • Wash your car at the car wash where water is recycled and sent to the treatment facility. If you do wash at home, do it on the lawn and don’t use detergents.
  • Keep your car properly maintained to prevent leaks. If you work on your car at home, clean up spills with a dry absorbent material and deposit it in the trash.
  • Hurst citizens may dispose of hazardous materials at the Environmental Collection Center in Fort Worth. Call 817.392.5257 for details.