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Welcome to the City of Hurst Department of Public Works. Our mission is to provide excellent quality services to the Citizens of Hurst through our water, wastewater, traffic and drainage systems while maintaining a safe and efficient working environment. The Public Works Department consists of Engineering, Streets, Drainage and Traffic Control, Water, and Waste Water. 

Valley View Branch Sanitary Sewer

Replacement from State Highway 10 to Redbud Drive

CWSRF administering agency: Texas Water Development Board
Funded partially by CWSRF. 

Funding in being provided for the construction of a planned replacement of an existing 15-inch diameter wastewater pipeline lying between State Highway 10 and Redbud Drive, a distance of approximately 2,500 linear feet, with a planned 28-inch diameter fusible PVC wastewater pipeline using combination of trenchless methods where possible and open-cut construction on the remaining segments.

Brief listing of water quality benefits:

  • Reduce/eliminate sanitary sewer overflows
  • Improve performance of wastewater collection system
  • Reduce inflow/infiltration

Irrigation Sprinkler Evaluation Program

Residential sprinkler evaluation programTarrant Regional Water District and the city of HURST is providing a "no charge" irrigation sprinkler evaluation program for HURST residents.  M&M Irrigation & Illumination holds the contract and will provide a Licensed Irrigator to complete the evaluation at your home.

Once you have completed the sign up, then a representative for MMII will contact you to set up an appointment. This program is sponsored by TRWD and the city of HURST, therefore there is no fee to the homeowner.

Irrigation Sprinkler Evaluation Program Sign up form

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Remember the "Four D's" to defend yourself against West Nile virus.

Dusk / Dawn are the times of day you should try to stay indoors. This is when infected mosquitoes are most active. Dress in light-colored long sleeves and pants when you're outside. For extra protection you may want to spray thin clothing with repellent. DEET (N,N-diethyl-M-toluamide) is an ingredient to look for in your insect repellent. Follow label instructions, and always wear repellent when outdoors. Drain standing water in your backyard and neighborhood - bird baths, old tires, flowerpots, and clogged rain gutters. These are mosquito breeding sites.

The Take Control - Stop West Nile Virus web page from the Tarrant County Public Health Department is now operational and contains an interactive map of Tarrant County as well as other resources and tools useful in the prevention of West Nile Virus.

Water Quality Report

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