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Police to Citizen (P2C)

Welcome to the Hurst Police Department`s Police to Citizen (P2C) website. You can print copies of public police reports, view a daily bulletin of events, get Crash reports or view the community calendar along with many other items of interest.


Public Information Request

Submit a request for public information.

If you are requesting a CRASH report please go to the following website to conduct your search.


Crime Mapping

To see a map of crime in a specific area, please follow this link .


Alarm Permit Application

Residential Alarm System Information
On November 23, 2004, the Hurst City Council approved to amend Hurst Ordinance, Chapter 12, Article VI (Alarm Permits) to include residential locations. Effective January 1, 2005, any residence reporting a false alarm that is verified by the police department will be required to obtain an alarm permit within fifteen (15) days.

Business Alarm System Information
All businesses operating or causing to operate an alarm system within the City of Hurst are required to obtain an alarm permit. On November 23, 2004, the Hurst City Council approved the following changes to Hurst Ordinance, Chapter 12, Article VI.

  • Renew permit annually before January 15th
  • Annual permit fee of $75
  • False alarm charges:
    • No charge - Alarms 1 - 3
    • $50 each - Alarms 4 - 5
    • $75 each - Alarms 6 - 7
    • $100 each - Alarms 8 +
  • Businesses having a "hold-up" alarm system must obtain a separate permit for an additional fee of $75.

Online Application
You may complete the alarm permit application process online.

If you are unable to process your alarm registration and payment on-line, please download the alarm permit application. You may print the alarm permit, fill it out and return it to the Hurst Police Department. Be sure and check the appropriate box at the top of the form: new, renewal or changes. The Hurst Police Department recommends you as a business owner/operator familiarize yourself and other alarm users with City Alarm Ordinance 1934 and Ordinance 2076. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call the Alarm Permit Officer at (817)788-7146.


Red Light Photo Enforcement Program

Red Light Camera Violation Fine Payment Information

Payment for Red Light Camera Violations CANNOT be made at the City of Hurst Municipal Court, City Hall or the Hurst Police Department.

Please go to this page for payment options of the fine.


Traffic Accident Reports

The Hurst Police Department has now made traffic accident reports available through the internet. This is now our preferred method of report distribution. If you need a copy of an accident report please click here. From our report search page, you will be able to search for your report, view it and print it. We currently charge a fee of $6.00 plus a convenience fee for copies of accident reports. You can pay for your reports through this secure site with a credit card or you may contact LexisNexis at 800 489-0190 to see if you qualify for a prepaid account.


Traffic Complaint Form

If you see a traffic violation in the City of Hurst and want to report, you can now submit it on-line. Please use the traffic complaint form to report speeders, abandoned vehicles, parking violation or any other traffic violations.


Vacation House Check Form

As a service to the citizens of the City of Hurst, the Hurst Police Department offers free vacation house checks. The Hurst Police Department will periodically check the exterior of your home while you are away for a period not exceeding four (4) weeks.  This service helps to deter potential burglars and provides for additional security while your house is unoccupied.  Please follow this link to register for the service.