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Criminal Investigations FAQs

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1.  What is criminal investigations?

Criminal Investigations, or C.I.D. is a division of the Hurst Police Department where non-uniformed officers with specialized investigative training are assigned to do follow-up on crime reports.

2.  What is the objective of the criminal investigations division?

To work effectively to ensure for the victim of a crime:

  • To Identify
  • To Apprehend
  • And Successfully Prosecute the Offender

3.  How does the detective conduct the investigation?

  • Interview with the victim and/or witness.
  • Work with the crime analyst, who will also review the report and identify patterns and trends that might emerge.
  • Follow-up through a variety of informational based websites and databases to seek additional information to solve the crime and work towards the issuance of a probable cause arrest warrant.

4.  If a suspect is arrested, what happens next?

The assigned detective will file the case with the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office where a prosecutor will handle the case in a court of law.  All class C offenses (citation level) are filed and handled by the Hurst Municipal Court.

5.  If I have further questions regarding my case, what do I do?

You may contact the C.I.D. division, 817.788.7166 with your case number and talk with the assigned detective on your case, who will answer your questions and give you the status of the case.