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Effective March 29, 2011

Service Fee
Impound Fee for all Domestic Animals $40.00
2nd impound $50
3rd Impound $80
4th Impound $100
All within a 12 month period.
Daily Care Fee (after date of impound) $10.00 / day
Owner Release for Dog or Cat $20.00
Adoption for Dogs
Includes: Spay/Neuter and Microchip. Rabies, Heartworm Test if of age and monthly heartworm prevention, Worming, 1st set of Vaccinations.
Adoption for Cats
Includes: Spay/Neuter, Microchip and Rabies, Feline Felv/FIV Test, Worming, and 1st set of Vaccinations.
Quarantine for Rabies (bite) Quarantine for Domestic Dogs, Cats and Ferrets and other domestic mammals $120.00
($12.00 / day for 10 days)
Microchip $20.00 
Ship Specimen for Rabies Testing $50.00

Owned Dead Animal Disposal

     50 pounds and under:
     51 pounds and over:

Owner requested euthanasia $20.00