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Alarm System Information

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On September 12, 2017, the Hurst City Council approved to amend and replace Hurst Ordinance, Chapter 12, Article VI (Alarm Permits) to include residential locations requiring residential permits for alarm systems. Effective September 12, 2017, any resident who does not have a permit for their home alarm system within ninety (90) days of being notified in writing by the alarm administrator, could be fined up to $500. New alarms must be permitted within thirty (30) days of installation.

Each year, false alarms cost the city and its citizens thousands of dollars and take police officers away from actual emergencies. To lessen the financial impact of unnecessary emergency responses to false alarms, the City of Hurst adopted an alarm ordinance and program. The alarm ordinance establishes business and residential alarm code requirements. The ordinance requires business and residential alarm users to register their alarm system with the city by paying an annual permit fee.

Ordinance 2367

Alarm Fees

Permit Fees for Businesses

  • General Alarm: $75, renewed annually
  • Robbery Alarm: $75, renewed annually
  • General and Robbery Alarm: $150, renewed annually

Permit Fees for Residents

  • Non-Senior: $25, renewed annually
  • Senior: $10, renewed annually

False Alarm Fees

  • First through third: no fee
  • Fourth and fifth: $50 each
  • Sixth and seventh: $75 each
  • Eighth and beyond: $100 each

False Robbery Fees

  • First: no fee
  • Second and third: $100
  • Fourth and beyond: $200

Payment Options

  • Online via credit card
  • Mail in check or money order to PO Box 207226 Dallas, TX 75320-7226

For billing questions, please call (855) 664-4526.

Online Application

You may complete the alarm permit application process online.

If you are unable to process your alarm registration and payment on-line, please download the alarm permit application. You may print the alarm permit, fill it out and return it to PO Box 207226 Dallas, TX 75320-7226. Be sure and check the appropriate box at the top of the form: new, renewal or changes. The Hurst Police Department recommends you as a business owner/operator familiarize yourself and other alarm users with City Alarm Ordinance 1934 and Ordinance 2076. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call 855-664-4526 .