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Neighborhood Services - Code Enforcement
Taking pride in our city

At the City of Hurst, our goal is t o be a helpful resource for you and your neighborhood. At the end of the day, code enforcement is all about keeping our city clean and safe while preserving property values. This means when there is a code violation, we’ll work with you to help address it. We call it
our “ good neighbor” approach to code enforcement, and we look forward to partnering with you to help make this a city we’re all proud to call home.

Nuisance Ordinance

What is the Purpose?

The primary purpose of Hurst's Nuisance Ordinance is to help maintain property values.  It gives the City of Hurst the chance to obtain timely compliance without issuing citations and grants authority to recover the costs of abatement from non-cooperative property owners.  If there is an issue, Neighborhood Services will work with you to correct it.

Nuisances are generally defined as health or cleanliness issues, and they must be addressed in a timely manner.  However, instead of waiting for a worst-case condition to develop, Neighborhood Services adopts a more graduated enforcement process because we always prefer to see an issue resolved without having to issue a citation.

Who is Affected?

Property owners, managers and tenants are responsible for abiding by the Nuisance Ordinance.  Whether you cause or allow a defined nuisance on your property or on the public street immediately adjacent to your property, you're subject to the inspection, maintenance and enforcement terms of the ordinance.

Examples of Nuisances

High Weeds & Grass

Residential property or developed, non-residential property must keep weeds and grass shorter than eight inches in height. Sweeping or blowing lawn and garden debris into the street is prohibited, as is allowing grass or weeds to grow over the curb.

Rubbish & Garbage

City Code prohibits rubbish or garbage accumulating on or in any property. This includes but is not limited to waste matter, trash, refuse, debris, dirt, dry grass, dead trees, tin cans, paper, waste material of every kind, other unhealthy substances, objects or conditions that may become a fire hazard or may become a menace to health, safety or welfare. Also included are abandoned or broken equipment or machinery or parts thereof, building materials not currently being used, appliances, household
furnishings or equipment, tools, machines, garbage cans, packing boxes, broken or discarded furniture.

Property Maintenance

Property owners should keep all buildings and grounds in a clean, sanitary and safe condition. This includes keeping exteriors in good repair to prevent declining property values. Neighborhood Services will become involved in cases of deteriorating property such as: garages, fences, walls, exterior services, painting, foundation walls, exterior wall integrity, weatherproofing, roofs, chimneys, flag poles, antennas, windows, doors, locks, defective interior surfaces, stairs and walking surfaces.

Trash & Recycling Containers

Trash and Recycling shouldn’t be placed curbside more than twelve (12) hours prior to the day of pickup. All containers should be placed at the foregoing prescribed locations no later than 7:30 a.m. on the day of scheduled collection if they are to be picked up.

Swimming Pools/Stagnant Water

If you have a pool, spa or other water receptacle at your residence, it’s important that you maintain it so that it doesn’t become offensive or a health concern for neighbors or passersby. If it’s determined that a water receptacle has become a nuisance, the City of Hurst can opt to take care of the problem, including draining, and bill the owner for all costs.

Inoperative, Junked or Abandoned Vehicles

Property owners should not park an automobile, truck or any other motor vehicle or trailer for a period in excess of forty-eight (48) hours when such vehicle or trailer is without one or more wheels or is apparently inoperative for any reason, including not having registration or current inspection for the current year.


If you’re responsible for a nuisance and refuse to correct the problem, citations may be issued. If you’re
convicted in court, you may be fined as much as $2,000 per day for each offense related to fire safety, zoning or public health and sanitation, which includes dumping trash, and up to $500 per day for other violations.

The City of Hurst is divided up in zones for each inspector to be proactive and to assist citizens with any concerns in their neighborhoods. If you have any questions or are unsure which inspector is in your neighborhood, contact Erin Mills at 817-788-7092.

Download our Neighborhood Services Brochure.