Mayfair Park

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Mayfair Park signMayfair Park is located at 1725 Norwood. Located on 6.1 acres, it provides access for all children, including those with physical challenges. The swings have high back support. Also included is an interactive play area with creative panels. The more traditional play area has slides, ramps and things to climb on, including a miniature climbing wall. Ramps lead to the major components, and rubberized pathways accommodate wheelchairs safely.

A large area for athletic practices is also available.
Mayfair Park is open daily from 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.


Amenities Include: 6.1 Acres, playground, water fountains, benches, walking trail (.4mi), equipped for special needs children, unlighted youth athletic practice fields, natural area, pavilion with 4 picnic tables, wheelchair accessible.

For information about pavilion rentals, go here. Pavilions may be rented for a $50.00 fee (electrical outlets included).