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Once a citation has gone into warrant status additional fees will be added to the fine amount and court costs. You have 30 days to make a court appearance regarding your citation. After 30 days, if you have not made acceptable disposition of your case, an ARREST WARRANT will be issued.

You are subject to arrest and information about you and your vehicle is entered into a statewide police database. Should you be stopped for any reason, the law enforcement officer will be notified by the police dispatcher that there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. You will be taken to jail, and your vehicle will be impounded. Additionally, the City employs City Marshals who is routinely arresting persons at their home and or place of employment.

Hurst Municipal Court has numerous ways to handle your outstanding warrants;

  • Only cash, credit cards, cashier's check or money order will be accepted for warrants. No personal checks will be accepted.
  • When you have posted a cash bond for the amount due, you can schedule a court appearance to see the Judge about your case. When you see the Judge, you can enter your plea. You can ask for a trial, or you can request to be put on probation.
  • Pay online using the secure online payment link.
  • Pay the full amount of the cases and possibly be given deferred to keep them off your driving record (depending on the violations). In person only
  • Pay 1/3 of the full amount down and be given a payment plan/ or community service if you qualify. In person only
  • In person there are additional options available to you for plea and barring the FTA/VPTA with payment in full for deferral or Payment Plan without deferral.
  • If you do not have the money at this time to pay the fine or post bond, or if you had extenuating circumstances that caused your citation to go into warrant status, you may contact a Marshal about your case, phone (817) 788-7006; 7215; 7008; 7068.
  • If you are indigent and do not have a job you can turn yourself into the jail and request community service when you are arraigned by the Judge Mon-Thurs.
  • If you are indigent and do not want to turn yourself into the jail you may access our court documents and file the paperwork for Defendant requesting a court setting without posting a bond.
  • Should you be arrested by the Hurst Police Department or any other law enforcement agency, you will be given "credit for time served" in the amount of $100 per day (each 24 hours) towards the total fine and court costs due.

If your warrant has been assigned for collection, the collection agency will contact you with information about your warrant and methods of payment accepted. If you are working with the collection agency, be aware that your warrant is still active and you are subject to arrest until the warrant amount has been paid in full.

All warrants over 60 days old are sent to collection and an additional 30% fee is added to each case.

To contact the collection agency, Linebarger, Googin, Blair and Sampson. Call Center 866.234.9790.

Warrants - Outstanding

Cases currently in warrant status can be paid at the Municipal Court located at 825 B Thousand Oaks Drive in the Justice Center building. 

The City of Hurst Municipal Court records indicate that the following people have Failed to Appear for Scheduled Court Appearances and now have outstanding warrants for their arrest. 

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This information applies to class C misdemeanor offenses occurring in Hurst, Tarrant County, Texas.

If you feel this information is incorrect contact the City of Hurst Municipal Court Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 817-788-7045 option “0”.