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Fine amounts updated: June 5, 2012


Offense Fine and Court Costs
Defective equipment $210.00
Disregard stop sign or red light $210.00
No Drivers license $180.00
Expired motor vehicle inspection $210.00
Expired vehicle registration $210.00
Failure to control speed $210.00
Failure to yield $210.00
Following too close $210.00
Improper turns $210.00
No Seat Belt Driver or Passenger $154.00
Unrestrained Child under 4 years of age $129.00 -- 1st offense

Compliance Dismissals - Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, and Inspection
If you have received a citation for violations involving expired Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, or Motor Vehicle Inspection, you may be eligible for dismissal provided the violation has not occurred for more than 60 days, and you present proof that you have corrected the violation within thirty (30) days after receiving the citation. You will be required to pay a $20.00 fee for each violation charged which was dismissed with proof of compliance.

Speeding - Regular Speed Zones

  • Fine is calculated at $5.90 for the first mile and $5.00 per mile per hour over the posted speed limit.
  • + $104.10 court costs

Speeding - School Zones

  • Fine is calculated at $10.90 for the first mile and $10.00 per mile per hour over the posted speed limit.
  • + $104.10 court costs

Speeding - Construction Zones With Workers Present

  • Fine is calculated at $5.90 for the first mile and $5.00 per mile per hour over the posted speed limit.
  • Then fine amount is doubled
  • + $104.10 court costs

No Insurance

  • Fine and Court Costs
    • First offense: $300.00
    • Each subsequent offense: $520.00
    • Third offense: $1020.00

Under DPS Driver Responsibility Law, violations occurring after September 1, 2003 may incur points and/or surcharges.

No Insurance Dismissals
If you received a citation because you were not able to provide proof of financial responsibility, usually Liability Car Insurance, to the police officer, but you can provide such proof to the Court, you may be eligible to have the citation dismissed. No dismissal fee or court costs will be assessed. You will be required to provide the name and a local phone number for your insurance agency and your liability car insurance will be verified by court personnel. If the court is not able to verify coverage, you will be notified of a Court Date for a hearing before the Municipal Court Judge.

Fines & Court Costs

The amount of fine the court assesses is determined by the facts and circumstances of the case. Mitigating circumstances may lower the fine, even if you are guilty. On the other hand, aggravating circumstances may increase the fine. The maximum fine for most municipal court traffic violations is $200 plus court costs; for misdemeanor state law violations--$500 plus court costs; for certain city ordinance violations--$2,000 plus court costs; and for other city ordinance violations--$500 plus court costs.

Per Chapter 51 of the Texas Government Code, the Court is required to collect a $25 fee on each conviction for which "time to pay" is granted. If any part of the total amount of fines, fees, and court costs is paid on or after the 31st day, that time payment fee will be assessed per state statute.

If you are choosing to do Defensive Driving when your violation occurred in a school zone the law requires a $25.00 Child Safety Fee that the state receives for those violations occurring in a school zone.

If a warrant is issued, the fine may increase, and an additional $50 fee is also assessed.

If your citation is in warrant over 60 days an additional 30% fee will be added to each case being sent to collections.

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