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Library Users FAQ

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Hurst Public Library Policies & Procedures
Answers to most questions can be found in the various policy documents that govern our delivery of Library Services. These documents are created by Hurst Lbrary Administration, reviewed by the Library Board, and approved by the Hurst City Council.

Library Policies

Frequently Asked Questions:
See below a list of Questions and Answers based on requests by the Library Community for information about policies, procedures, and general Library use.

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  • What kinds of digital content does the library have?

  • Who can I call with more questions?

  • Can I reserve meeting rooms at the library?

  • How much are overdue fines and other library service charges?

  • How will I know that I have overdue library materials?

  • What if the library doesn't have what I need?

  • Can I reserve library materials?

  • Can I renew materials I have borrowed before they are due?

  • How do I return library materials?

  • How long is the loan period for library materials?

  • Is there a limit to how many items I can borrow at one time?

  • How do I borrow library materials?

  • Is my library account information confidential?

  • What if I lose my Library Card?

  • How do I get a Library Card?

  • How can I use the Library's public display and exhibit areas?

  • What materials will the Library accept as donations?

  • Is there wireless access to the Internet at the Library?

  • Can children access the Internet on Hurst Public Library's Computers??

  • How can I use a computer at the Library?