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The Hurst Way & Code of Ideals

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The Hurst Way logo

The Hurst Way

Having a passionate approach to work life, serving to the highest standard and contributing to the sustainability of Hurst.

The Hurst Way is the filter through which we look to make decisions that reflect our mission.

Based on the Hedgehog theory, we answered three questions that represent the Hurst Way:


 City of Hurst mascot, Spike, representing the Hurst Way

City of Hurst Employee Mascot, Spike the Hedgehog

We passionately serve the community while demonstrating level five leadership qualities within our circle of influence. We are empowered to develop an exceptional quality of life for our community through professional and ethical public service.


We do our very best to serve our customers selflessly, no matter what title we hold or whom we're serving. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service while being responsive to the needs of the community.


We responsibly manage our resources allowing the city to provide a desirable level of programs and services to the public now and in the future.

Encompassing the Hedgehog theory, our city embraced a mascot to encourage all employees to remember the three questions above. Spike was introduced to employees in 2018 and serves as a reminder that we work as a team to adhere to the Hurst Way and our Code of Ideals.


The employees of the City of Hurst have worked together to identify guiding principles that focus attention on exemplary customer satisfaction. We hold these principles as universal and essential to our success, which we establish as our Code of Ideals
The Code of Ideals will serve as the philosophical cornerstone to guide our interactions with anyone who lives, works, shops, or plays in our City, or relies on the services we provide. It is the heart of those characteristics that we all agree comprise the best in an organization and ourselves.


We will be fair and honest in our relations with customers, striving to achieve the highest level of integrity and trustworthiness.


We will be respectful, courteous, and understanding of our customers needs and will always treat them as we would want to be treated.


We will hold ourselves accountable to ensure that services are provided to the best of our ability in a responsible, dependable, and timely manner.


We are part of a Team on many levels. Employees of the City of Hurst are motivated, cooperative, and dedicated Team players. We assume a sense of responsibility for our actions to ensure our success as individuals, as Departments, and as a City.


We will strive to demonstrate competency, knowledge, and efficiency in our jobs that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Positive Attitude

We are willing to demonstrate a spirit of friendly customer service by providing helpful and responsive assistance in a caring and considerate manner

Work Environment

We are committed to safety as the foundation of a clean, secure work environment that is conducive to an enjoyable work experience. We will continually work to improve ourselves and the delivery of our services through training, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.
We hold the Code of Ideals as the key that unlocks our potential for exemplary customer service, for satisfaction in a job well done, and for pride in ourselves and our organization. Our leaders have empowered us to deliver quality service, and we will work together to achieve this goal.