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Permits & Inspections Forms

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Permits and Inspection Forms

The City of Hurst has adopted the 2015 International Codes (select preferred code) and associated Amendments. The Fire Prevention office requires plans for any installation or modification to any system listed within the Permit Application document. Contractors performing any installation or modification shall complete the permit application form and submit electronically.  The Hurst Fire Prevention Office requires at least two (2) hard copy sets of plans, along with a flash drive or other media containing a PDF version of all submissions. Reviewed plans must be picked up before work commences; flash drive will be returned to owner at that time.

Please note, all items listed within the Plan Submittal Checklist form must be correctly submitted, or all information will be returned without review. All businesses must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from City Hall located at 1505 Precinct Line Road Hurst, TX 76054 prior to opening. Once the Certificate of Occupancy has been applied for and the required submitted items to the Hurst Fire Prevention Office have been approved, the applicant must schedule a fire prevention inspection prior to opening.

Permits Required

The Fire Prevention office currently requires permits for the items listed within the application form. There are no associated fees for permitted items. Permit applications are submitted electronically from the link below, and a hard copy of plans, along with your flash drive containing a PDF version of the plans, can be submitted at 2100 Precinct Line Road Hurst, TX 76054.

Permit Application Form - Online form submission

Plan Submittal Checklist   Please review and ensure all documents are present upon submittal

Please review the documents below, which details some of the installation requirements for each of the systems listed.

Fire Alarms

Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems

Cooking Suppression Systems

Fire Lane and Gate Access Control

Access Control Systems

Above Ground Fuel Tanks

Flammable Finishes

Generator Guidelines

Tent Guidelines

Foster Care Guidelines

Residential Board and Care Occupancies/Group Homes

Mobile Food Units

Mobile Food Unit Permit Application (PDF)

Mobile Food Unit Permit Application (Online form)

Mobile Food Unit Guidelines