Steve Bowden, Executive Director of Economic Development

Steve Bowden
Executive Director of
Economic Development 

Economic Development strives is to maintain a high quality of life in Hurst by promoting the efficient and orderly development of private properties and encouraging the growth of business and enhancement of property values within the community. The Economic Development staff is available to work with the business community on projects of all sizes to promote those goals.

Hurst desires to develop programs to retain, expand, and attract business to the City. Toward that end staff coordinates activities in conjunction with civic and public groups including the Chamber of Commerce, school districts, regional and state agencies, as well as elected city officials.

Hurst Economic Development Website

The Hurst Economic Development site includes demographics, traffic counts, zoning and maps specific to the development community. In addition, available properties and lease spaces, known as the Top Ten Hot Spots can be found.

Want to open a business in Hurst? If so, reading this page may help get you started.


Precinct Line at 183
Sprouts Crossing

Hurst Sustainable Neighborhood Plan 2017

Hurst is a first-class city with great assets, resources and city leadership. However, to maintain its status, the city recognized that it needs to be proactive to remain resilient and competitive. As a mature and built-out suburban community in the DFW Metroplex, Hurst is beginning to experience some of the challenges that come with an aging suburban community. The goal of this initiative was to develop a market and community-based redevelopment strategy that can stimulate private investment and prioritize public involvement. Below you will find the Hurst Redevelopment Plan that was done with the help of Catalyst Commercial, planning consultants, who were hired by the city.  These consultants and city staff met with representatives of the residential and commercial property owners to discuss and help produce the plan.  It includes discussion of the entire city with special focus on south east Hurst.  The city will now work with these same representatives to work towards enhancements that the private sector will need to support as well as the city and it's residents.

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