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Art in Public Places

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The City of Hurst’s Art in Public Places Initiative was designed “to develop a strategic plan to incorporate civic art, cultural enrichment, and historical programs in the community through Community Services’ resources, facilities, and sponsored programs.” To date, there have been three phases of the Art in Public Places Initiative.

Phase I - Hurst Public Library

Poems & Promises at Hurst Public LibraryThe first project in the City of Hurst’s Art is Public Places Initiative was “Poems & Promises” by Rosalind Cook. This elegant and contemplative bronze sculpture graces the entrance of the Hurst Public Library. It reflects the spirit of the Library and the inspiration available for those who seek it in the written word. 

This brochure, also available in the Library, provides more information about the piece and the artist.



Phase II - City Hall

Temujin Sculpture at City HallThe second project in the City of Hurst’s Art is Public Places Initiative was “Temujin” by Pati Stajcar. This sculpture is of a bronze eagle rising out of the City Hall fountain. Sculptor Pati Stajcar has received national recognition for her extensive work in bronze, stone, and wood. Pati creates sculptures of many different subjects, but birds are her specialty. Pati’s passion for her subject and her art are clear in this piece, Temujin, which means “rider of the heavens.” Pati has said of Temujin that, “ A bird on the wing riding the thermals skyward makes the spirit rise… but the majesty of a bald eagle in flight is nothing less than inspirational.”


Phase III - Heritage Village Plaza

Hurst Historical Plaza at Heritage VillageThe third project in the City of Hurst’s Art is Public Places Initiative was “Remembrances of My Home Town” by Janice Hart Melito. This piece, comprised of three monolithic columns that symbolize the past, present, and future, was created specifically for the Heritage Village Historical Plaza. Each column is banded with sculptural reliefs that tell the story of the City and celebrates the community spirit of Hurst. Janice Hart Melito has been a full time professional artist with a focus in sculpture, painting and drawing mediums since graduating from Texas Christian University with a Masters of Fine Arts Degree. Her work has been shown throughout the United States as well as in Madrid and Buenos Aires and she has created public art for many cities in Texas. 

Go to the Historical Plaza at Heritage Village Page for more information, or download this brochure  explaining the features and components of the Historical Plaza.