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Political Sign Regulations

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“Political sign: A sign that contains primarily a political message, the purpose of which is to advertise a political candidate for public office, or a political party or that relates to an issue to be voted upon at an election.”

(7) Political signs. The following shall apply to political signs:

a. A permit fee shall not be required.

b. A political sign shall be allowed in any zoning district.

c. Political signs shall not be located on any utility, light, traffic signal or sign pole.

d. Political signs shall not be located so as to cause a safety or traffic hazard.

e. Political signs shall not be illuminated or projected.

f. Political signs shall not contain any moving elements or parts.

g. Political signs shall not be placed within public right-of-way.

h. Time, place and manner restrictions – signs on private real property.

Political signs are allowed on private real property only with the consent of the property owner. No permit is required, in accordance with Texas Local Government Code §216.903, provided that: (1) the sign shall not have an area greater than thirty-six (36) square feet; (2) the sign shall not be more than eight (8) feet in height; (3) the sign shall not be illuminated; and (4) the sign shall not have any moving parts.

i. Time, place and manner restrictions – signs on public property during voting periods.

(1) Time. In accordance with Texas Election Code §61.003, signs shall be allowed at polling sites during early voting periods or on Election Day. Signs so posted must be removed within forty-eight (48) hours after the close of the early voting period or the close of the polls on Election Day, whichever is applicable.

(2) Place.
(a) No signs or campaign literature are permitted on City property, except as required by Texas Election Code section 61.003 or 85.036. This prohibition includes all locations, so long as there is no polling site at that location, including city hall, city service center, library, recreational center, public parks and aquatic centers, fire stations, police departments and water pumping stations.

(b) For so long as required by Texas Election Code section 61.003 and 85.036, all public property upon which there is located a polling place, outside the area described in §61.003, and within the area which is allowed to have signs posted shall meet the following requirements: an area (i) that is not within ten (10) feet of the public right of way; (ii) that is not on impervious surfaces; (iii) that is not a traffic or safety hazard; (iv) that is attached to a stake not to exceed a 9 gauge diameter (American Wire Gauge standard (AXG)) driven into the ground well clear of tree roots, irrigation lines and any other underground vegetation or structures; (v) not to be attached to any building or structure (vi) not in a landscape bed to include flower beds and (vii) an area which meets all the requirements of this ordinance.

(3) Manner. Political signs permitted at voting locations pursuant to Election Code sections 61.003 and 85.036 shall not exceed six (6) square feet (2x3).