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Customer Service

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Customer Service and the Code of Ideals

The City of Hurst has a long tradition of quality service. In 2001, the City Council emphasized building on these strengths to improve customer relations as one of their long-term strategic plans. Acting on the recommendations of the Council, the City began a program to review the customer service policies and procedures to enhance the customer service of the City’s operations. Employees were challenged to develop recommendations for customer service improvements throughout the City. One of these recommendations was that the City define its shared values and produce written guidelines to educate future employees so that they could become a part of the City’s shared work ethic.

Over several weeks, groups from all departments that included almost every employee met to create this Code of Ideals. As a part of this process, the employees examined the core of their job duties and whom they serve. The employees created the following definitions to define our goal of customer service and who our customers are.

  • Customer Service Goal:
    To provide our customers with exceptional service that exceeds their expectations.
  • Who are our customers?
    The customers of the City of Hurst include anyone who lives, works, shops, or plays in the City or relies on the services that we provide.

A writing committee used the input from all of the employee meetings to create a unifying Code of Ideals. The key words identified during this process for what should be included in a Code of Ideals is the following:

  • Cornerstone - standards/ guidelines/ model/ framework
  • Cohesion/ Community
  • Philosophy
  • Principles/ Values/ Ethics
  • Expectations
  • Empowerment
  • Striving
  • Exemplary

In creating the code, the writing committee answered two questions that helped define what a Code of Ideals would mean to Hurst employees:

  • What is a Code of Ideals?
    The Code of Ideals is the philosophical cornerstone of the City of Hurst that establishes guidelines for providing exemplary service to our customers.
  • Why Have a Code of Ideals?
    To provide guiding principles that focuses attention on exemplary customer satisfaction, which is essential to the success of the City of Hurst.

Customer Service - Staff Responsiveness

Under the leadership and direction of elected officials, the City of Hurst has worked diligently to create a city-wide customer service program designed to enhance the Quality of Life for Hurst residents.

Policy Statement: The City of Hurst develops staff committed to serve in a professional, friendly, responsive, and customer-focused manner.

Strategy: To enhance our "Customer Oriented" Philosophy

Virtually every City employee had a part in some phase of program development and implementation.
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