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Volunteers in Action

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Shelly Klein, Customer Service Technologies Administrator
Shelly Klein
Outreach Coordinator-City Manager's Office

VIA: Volunteers in Action

We are NOT accepting volunteer applications at this time.

The City of Hurst Volunteers-In-Action (VIA) Program has been an integral part of City government operations for over 40 years. It is the first municipal volunteer program to be recognized by the state of Texas. The Citywide volunteer force is a valuable resource that provides each City department with a viable alternative when addressing future staffing needs.  Since the beginning of the program in 1979, the VIA volunteers have provided more than 650,000 hours totaling nearly $11.5 million in services to the Hurst community.  We currently have more than 200 active volunteers providing services to our great City in many different departments and 15 groups that work on special projects throughout the year.

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VIA program objectives:

  • To provide the citizens of Hurst with an opportunity to make valuable contributions toward improved services and an enhanced quality of life
  • To provide the City with an alternative to the funding of additional personnel
  • To limit the effects of ever-increasing workloads on existing staff

Volunteer Positions

Approximately 200 volunteers currently donate their time on a regular basis in departments such as the Library, Police, and the Senior Center, just to name a few.  Many people find the social interaction they receive by volunteering to be uplifting and energizing.  Others prefer an opportunity to work alone, enjoying helping staff out on a more “solo” type project.  Whatever your preferences, we think you will be able to find a suitable volunteer position here in the City.  We currently have several positions to choose from, encompassing all skill levels.

How to Apply


How to Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the online application and a VIA representative will contact you about volunteer opportunities; or applications can be filled out in person at the Community Services offices located inside the Library at 901 Precinct Line Rd, Hurst, TX 76053. For more information, please contact Shelly Klein, VIA Coordinator, at 817-788-7036.

Volunteer Recognition

2012 VIA BanquetThe City of Hurst recognizes its volunteers in several ways.  The hours worked by each volunteer are recorded and volunteers receive recognition for their service.  Every April in conjunction with the National Volunteer Appreciation Week, the City of Hurst hosts its Volunteer Appreciation Banquet to celebrate and recognizes ours volunteers’ efforts.  The event includes a lunch, entertainment, and a recognition gift for all volunteers.  In addition, awards are given for 500 hours of volunteer services and every 500-hour increase of service thereafter.  Awards given to volunteers acknowledging their service include: pen sets, tote bags, lapel pins, clocks, and gift certificates.

Also, held every spring is the Blue Jacket Ceremony.  Once volunteers have reached the 200 hour mark, they receive a Blue Jacket with the VIA logo on it.  The Blue Jacket recipients are presented with a jacket by a City Council member at one of the City Council meetings.

2011 VIA Blue Jacket Recipients

In addition to these events and awards, each department may recognize volunteers in their own way. We love our volunteers and want to show them how much we care!

Shelly Klein
VIA Coordinator