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Fleet Services

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The Equipment Services Division is responsible for providing new and replacement equipment and comprehensive maintenance and repair support to all City departments. Scope of maintenance covers 228 pieces of mobile fleet equipment and several stationary units located throughout the city. The Equipment Services Division consists of six full-time employees.

Major programs include: Equipment Repair, Preventive Maintenance, Equipment Winterization, Equipment Replacement, Asset Disposal and Alternative Fuel Programs. The Equipment Repair Program addresses predictive, non-predictive and emergency equipment maintenance and repair. During scheduled preventive maintenance, the piece of equipment is thoroughly inspected for deficiencies. Deficiencies are repaired immediately or scheduled for repair at a later date. The Winterization Program prepares all fleet equipment for inclement winter weather. Each vehicle has the engine coolant system checked or changed annually.

Under the Equipment Replacement Program, fleet equipment must meet established guidelines before replacement is scheduled. Replacement factors include: funding, age, condition, mileage, hours, life-cycle cost, reliability, or changes in how the user department utilizes the equipment. Whenever a piece of equipment is scheduled for replacement, specifications are developed to ensure that the equipment provides long-term, quality service at the lowest possible cost