Neighborhood and Community Advisory Committee

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"There is hereby created a board to be known as the Neighborhood and Community Advisory Committee."
- Hurst Code of Ordinances, Sec. 2-220

Powers and Duties:
"The Neighborhood and Community Advisory Committee is charged with:

  1. Reviewing projects and programs that are identified by the city council and staff that will assist the City with maintenance and revitalization programs designed to maintain residential and commercial property values throughout the City.
  2. The committee will review and provide recommendations to the city council regarding community code, beautification and neighborhood revitalization programs and initiatives.
  3. The committee will function as an advisory and recommending body to the city council and will have no role in enforcement or inspection activities, which are the responsibility of duly-authorized city staff.
- Hurst Code of Ordinances, Sec. 2-221

Members: Ten (10) 
Term: Members will be appointed for a staggered term of two (2) years.
Meetings: Meetings shall be held every other month on the first Thursday. Special meetings may be called as necessary.

Place 1
Name: Joe Fuchs
Term Expires: 2019

Place 2
Name: Ronnie Martin *
Term Expires: 2018

Place 3
Name: Nada Horn 
Term Expires: 2019

Place 4
Name: Joyce Goff
Term Expires: 2018

Place 5
Name: Cindy Shepard 
Term Expires: 2019

Place 6
Name: Carolyn Mora  
Term Expires: 2019

Place 7
Name: Jeffrey Scott Barnes **
Term Expires: 2018

Place 8
Name: Joe Johnson
Term Expires: 2019

Place 9
Name: Barry Smith 

Term Expires: 2019

Place 10
Name: Josh Ingram
Term Expires: 2018

Ex Officio 
Name: Anna Holzer
Term Expires: 2018

* Chair 
** Vice Chair

Agendas & Minutes

December 10, 2018