Hurst Senior Citizens Advisory Board

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“There is hereby created and established for the city a Hurst Senior Citizens Advisory Board which shall be composed of nine (9) regular members and two (2) alternates. All members shall be resident Hurst citizens and qualified voters of the City.” 
- Hurst Ordinance No. 1974

Purpose: The City Council hereby declares that as a matter of public policy, the procurement, development, supervision, and administration of the Hurst Senior Citizens Activity Center and its activities are necessary to promote the health and well-being of the senior citizens of Hurst. This requires this ordinance to:
  • Promote the activity and programming necessary for a successful Senior Citizens Activities Center in Hurst;
  • Ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Hurst Senior Citizens Activity Center;
  • Protect and enhance Hurst senior citizens’ quality of life; and
  • Foster community respect and pride for the senior citizen community.

Powers and Duties:

“The powers of the Board shall include the authority to do the following:

  • Adopt rules and procedures;
  • Assist in interpreting the policies and functions of the Senior Citizens Activities Center to the public;
  • Study and encourage development of adequate senior citizen facilities for the residents of the City;
  • Advise in coordinating services with the programs of other governmental agencies and voluntary organizations from time to time;
  • Solicit for the Senior Citizens Activities Center gifts, revenues, bequests, endowments of money or property, subject to the approval and acceptance of the City Council;
  • Establish committees as needed; and
  • Produce and distribute minutes of meetings.”

Members: Nine (9) regular members. One (1) alternate. All members shall be resident Hurst citizens and qualified voters of the city.

Term: Two (2) years

Meetings: Third Thursday of each month at the Hurst Senior Activities Center at 11:00 a.m. Or more frequently if so desired.

Place 1
Name: Doris Young
Term Expires: 2019

Place 2
Name: Bob Hampton 
Term Expires: 2018

Place 3
Term Expires: 2019

Place 4
Name: Marcy Davis *
Term Expires: 2018

Place 5
Term Expires: 2019

Place 6
Name: Osborne Durwood Foote  
Term Expires: 2018

Place 7
Name: Joan Stinnett **
Term Expires: 2019

Place 8
Name: Barbara Albright
Term Expires: 2019

Place 9
Name: Gerald Grieser *
Term Expires: 2020

Alternate Place 1
Name: Elaine Wicker
Term Expires: 2020

* Chair 
** Vice Chair


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