Historical Landmark Preservation Committee

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The City Council has declared that as a matter of public policy, the protection, preservation and enhancement of landmarks of architectural, archaeological, cultural and historic importance is necessary to promote the economic, cultural, educational and general welfare of the citizens of Hurst. The Hurst Historical Landmark Committee is charged with the preservation of the unique identity of the City of Hurst and the history of the area prior to its founding, which produced significant historic, architectural, archaeological and cultural resources, and shall:
  • Protect and enhance the landmarks which represent distinctive historic, architectural and cultural elements of Hurst;
  • Foster civic pride in accomplishments of the past;
  • Protect and enhance Hurst's attractiveness to visitors, and support and stimulate the economy thereby provided;
  • Insure the orderly, efficient and appropriate growth and development of Hurst;
  • Promote economic stability and prosperity of the community by encouraging the most appropriate use of such significant property of Hurst; and
  • Stabilize and improve property values.

Hurst Code of Ordinances, Section 5-532

Number of Members: Seven (7) voting members, all Hurst residents, to be appointed by the City Council. There shall be two (2) alternate members with the power to vote in the absence of a regular member.

Meetings: Quarterly. Special meetings may be called as necessary.

Quorum: A majority of the voting members shall constitute a quorum.

Term: Two (2) Year Staggered Terms. The chair and vice chair shall be elected by and from members of the Committee annually.

Place 1

Name: Janice Pyles-Trostle
Term Expires: 2019

Place 2

Name: Steve Johnson
Term Expires: 2019

Place 3

Name: Carol Cole
Term Expires: 2020

Place 4

Name: Marsha Camarata
Term Expires: 2019

Place 5

Name: Billye Runnels-Jones*
Term Expires: 2020

Place 6

Name: Heather Buen
Term Expires: 2019

Place 7

Name: Dallas Snow **
Term Expires: 2020

Alternate 1

Name: Leah Chance
Term Expires: 2019

Alternate 2

Name: Mary Wismann
Term Expires: 2019

Ad-Hoc Member

Name: Betty Whiteside
Term Expires: 2020

**Vice Chair

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