Crime Control District Board of Directors

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Powers and Duties

The Crime Control District Board of Directors will manage, control, and administer funds of the Hurst Crime Control and Prevention District. 
- Local Government Code, Section 363.153 

Number of Members: Seven (7)
Quorum: Majority
Terms: Two (2) year staggered terms, expiring September 1.
Meetings: Annually to conduct a public hearing on the proposed budget and as needed.

Place 1
Name: David Booe**  
Term Expires: 2019

Place 2
Name: Larry Kitchens 
Term Expires: 2019

Place 3
Name: Henry Wilson*
Term Expires: 2020

Place 4
Name: Cathy Thompson
Term Expires: 2020

Place 5
Name: Bill McLendon 
Term Expires: 2020

Place 6
Name: Jon McKenzie
Term Expires: 2019

Place 7
Name: Cindy Shepard  
Term Expires: 2020

** Vice Chair

Agendas & Minutes 

August 14, 2018

August 8, 2018