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Story Time

This storytime is suitable for 3-6 year olds!

2017- Story Time - Online CalendarThis ongoing program provides a weekly story time for 3-6 year olds every Tuesday from 10:45-11:15am. Join us as we read stories in our special Storytime Room! Stories are usually based around a theme, and consist of 2-4 age-appropriate books. 

What are the benefits of story-time for your baby / child?

Of course it’s important for you to have books at home, read books out loud to your child, and let your child explore books on her own. However, children benefit from hearing another adult read to them, from watching other children get engaged in a story, and from being exposed to a wide variety of authors and writing styles. Your child will also learn some essential school readiness skills, like how to sit still for an extended period of time, how to pay attention to an adult other than his parents, how to take turns, and how to be (reasonably) quiet in a public place. They also may learn that although at home, it’s totally fine to flip pages in the book, ask to have the same book read over and over, or ask to quit reading one book halfway through and switch to another one, when they are in a group setting, they need to sit still and listen to the book that someone else has chosen.

Story-times help to turn a trip to the library into “an event.” If you treat story-time as a special family time that you look forward to, your child will be just as excited about it as they are about your other special family outings, whether those are to movies, the park, or baseball games. They will think of reading as an exciting social activity. One of the key literacy skills is “print motivation” – if kids believe that they will find fun and excitement in stories, they will want to read books.

While you’re at the library, you can choose some books to take home as a “treat” to get excited about. 

Looking for more stuff to do with kids? Check out our Kidstuff page. We also have a page for online resources Just For Kids! It's a great place to find kid-oriented entertainment and informational resources. Still have questions? Check out our monthly event calendars or call the library for more info at 817.788.7300.

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