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Divisional Spotlight

We're working for you!

To help our citizens better understand the various city divisions we will be featuring them here.  Each month a new division(s) will be introduced here.

We are excited to share what we do with the citizens of Hurst!

PUBLC WORKS - Service Center


Did You Know?

  • The Public Works SCADA Center answers calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 90% of City of Hurst water is supplied by the City of Fort Worth while 10% is supplied by city-owed water wells
  • There is a Traffic Safety Commission that meets as needed to discuss traffic safety concerns around the city
  • One operator mechanically sweeps every street a minimum of four times a year
  • The Streets Division asphalt overlays 12 residential streets and 2 thoroughfares (with County assistance) annually
  • The Water Utilities personnel collects over 2,800 water samples each year to assure the delivery of safe drinking water