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Divisional Spotlight


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To help our citizens better understand the various city divisions we will be featuring them here.  Each month a new division(s) will be introduced here.

We are excited to share what we do with the citizens of Hurst!

Fleet and Warehouse Services


Did You Know Fleet & Warehouse Services?

  • Has a staff of one Manager, mechanic supervisor, three mechanics, a fleet and warehouse assistant, and one part-time clerk
  • Serviced 272 vehicles and equipment last year
  • Performed 1,349 repairs
  • Replaced 16 vehicles/equipment
  • Maintains stock for the repair and upkeep of the city's water and sewer lines, safety supplies, janitorial supplies, and well as a number of commodities used by city staff
  • Serves as the centralized warehouse function for all city departments
  • Stocks over 500 distinct items for use throughout the city with a total inventory of 9,200
  • Their inventory is valued at $175,000
  • Handles the auction of city surplus for all city departments
  • Handles maintenance of all generators for all city departments
  • Maintains fuel island for all city equipment

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