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 Service Center
 Public Works Dispatch

The Streets, Drainage and Traffic Division is responsible for street surface maintenance, cleaning and sweeping; maintaining the City drainage system consisting of curbs and gutters, underground pipes, and drainage channels; and overseeing the maintenance and installation of traffic control signs and street markings.

The City of Hurst Water Division is responsible for providing and delivering safe, potable drinking water in sufficient volume under adequate pressure. This division consists of Water Production, Water Distribution and 24 Hour Public Works SCADA, (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Dispatch Operations.

The City of Hurst Wastewater and Environmental Services Division is responsible for the health and welfare of the citizens and customers of Hurst by providing sufficient wastewater collections services while responding to environmental concerns such as spills, household hazardous waste and mosquito collection, testing and fogging. This is accomplished by minimizing wastewater system interruptions, maintaining and improving the integrity of the infrastructure, monitoring discharge through commercial and industrial sources and insuring that compliance measures are maintained by meeting all regulations governing the discharge of wastewater.


Joe Villa, Director of Streets, Drainage, and TrafficPublic Works Operations
Joe Villa
Service Center Manager

2001 Precinct Line Road
Hurst, Texas 76054

Public Works Operations

2001 Precinct Line Road

Hurst, TX  76054