Working at the direction of the city manager and City Council, the City of Hurst Communications and Marketing Division serves as the central point of contact for communications and marketing activities citywide.


Communications and Marketing Team
Malaika Farmer
Executive Director
of Administration
& Customer Service
Kara McKinney
Public Information Officer
Shelly Klein
Customer Service Technologies

The team uses private and public sector best practices to lead, direct and coordinate Hurst's brand and image, both within and beyond the city’s borders. The division provides strategic communications and marketing consulting and coordinates and disseminates information to inform the public of city news.

Responsibilities of the Communications and Marketing division include public and media relations for the city, development and production of all external publications including the city magazine Where We Live, management and maintenance of the city websites, all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, plus production of various special events. The division is also responsible for developing and executing all marketing projects and plans.

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Code Red

Code Red 
With the CodeRed Emergency Notification System the City of Hurst now has the ability to notify the entire City or only the affected areas of the City about emergency situations in a matter of minutes. The system is available to all Hurst residents free of charge.

It is ok to update your information even if you have had the same address and number for several years. This will allow us to make sure the information is correct.