Agendas and Minutes 2018

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Agendas will be posted on our website after 4 pm on the Friday prior to each meeting week.  The official agenda is posted at City Hall in accordance with State Law. The website copy is for general information only.  In the event of a conflict between this copy and the posted agenda, the posted agenda shall prevail. Questions regarding the agenda should be directed to the City Secretary's Office 817.788.7042.  All documents are in PDF format.

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    Work Session Packet
Date Agenda/Work Session Packet Meeting Minutes Work Session Minutes Video 
04/24/2018  Agenda         
04/24/2018  Work Session Agenda         
04/17/2018 Work Session Agenda        
04/10/2018  Agenda  Packet       
03/27/2018  Agenda  Packet      Stream
03/24/2018  Strategic Planning Agenda         
03/13/2018  Meeting Canceled         
03/01/2018  Town Hall Meeting Notice         
02/27/2018  Agenda  Packet  Regular Meeting Work Session  Stream
02/23/2018  Agenda      Special Session   
02/13/2018  Agenda  Packet  Regular Meeting Work Session  Stream
02/13/2018  Finance Committee Agenda        Stream
01/23/2018  Agenda  Packet Regular Meeting  Work Session  Stream
01/18/2018  Notice of Possible Quorum        
01/09/2018  Agenda  Packet  Regular Meeting  Work Session  Stream